Mentor Everywhere Round 2 Open!

At Automattic, a fully-distributed company with no offices, we believe strongly in the power of remote working and how, no matter where you are in the world, you can be an equal participant in the work we do. We decided to bring this philosophy to mentorship after finding there was a need amongst other remote companies and with folks not living in tech hubs! Last year, we launched the first cohort of Mentor Everywhere pairings. Like last year, we’re reaching out to groups dedicated to diversity and inclusion to ask folks to apply as we want to use this platform as a way to give access to those who might not get high quality mentorship otherwise based on location, connections, etc.

Mentors: If you are looking to mentor someone through this program, please apply here. Ideally, you are someone who is an excellent communicator or who is familiar with working remotely. We will pair folks based on a variety of factors including timezone restrictions so you won’t end up with someone in a completely opposite timezone.

Mentees: If you might benefit from having a mentor, please apply here to get paired up with one.

Please apply by October 8th!

Mentees will work with their mentors to determine the most valuable topics to discuss. We expect these might focus around career development, goal setting, skills development, challenges in the workplace (giving feedback, requesting stretch assignments, dealing with unsupportive colleagues), and networking, and less around non-work issues.

You can view the full timeline here.

Last year, we paired 100 people and we can’t wait to carry the lessons learned from the initial group into our next round starting November 1st! If you have any questions, contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Photo by Lena Bell on Unsplash