About the Program

The Mentor Everywhere program has a time commitment of six months for mentors and mentees. Read about the goals of Mentor Everywhere.

The following are expected time commitments for the program. Individual pairs can increase frequency or type of interactions as desired and schedules permit.

  • A virtual mentor/mentee orientation.
  • A one-on-one call between mentor and mentee on day one of the first mentorship period. We strongly encourage this call to be done via video.
  • Monthly calls via video or voice, with bi-weekly / regular email follow-ups to check in on monthly goals, progress, and adjustments.
  • Participation in the mid-program check-in and survey.
  • A wrap-up call at the end of the mentorship period.
  • Participation in the mentorship survey.

Schedule for Cohort 2:

  • November 1st: Start date! Your mentor will be in touch to set up a recurring time to talk and to choose the method you both want to use to communicate. We have some resources in place to help with this initial start date.
  • November 1st – November 15th: Have your first chat with your mentor/mentee. By the end of this first session, please submit the Mentoring Goals form (one per mentoring pair), which is a brief extract of the Mentoring Agreement worksheet available for your use.
  • November 15th: The Mentoring Goals form is officially due. Remember you only need to submit ONE response for your pairing.
  • February 1st: 3 month check-in. Expect an email from us with a survey where you can provide feedback about what we can improve.
  • April 30: Mentorship completion. This marks the end of the 6 month cycle for the Mentor Everywhere program. We will send you a final survey to gather feedback!

Important links:

If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please reach out to the Mentor Everywhere team here